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Yard Signs (Coroplast)

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  • Printed on 4 mm Corrugated Plastic
  • Excellent Weather Durability
  • 9-Gauge (.148
  • Stake Dimensions : 10
  • Stakes insert directly into the sign (no tools required)

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  •            Product Features

    Great Quality

    Fade Resistant

    Best Prices


                Boost Your Advertising Campaigns with Premium Yard & Lawn Signs

    Yard sign marketing is a great tactic in lead generation. Strategically placed ads can reach a lot of people, which can lead to more potential clients or customers. We see it used by real estate agents, home owners, politicians. It's an effective way of delivering an ad and getting your message out there to your local market.


    Al Print takes care of your yard sign needs. Our print yard signs are available in 4 mm corrugated plastic and offered in two sizes: 12" x 18" and 18" x 24". Stakes are also offered, which can be used to keep your yard signs secured. Order from a single sign to 500 pieces. The material we use on our custom yard signs has excellent weather durability so you don't have to worry come rain or shine.


    Yard sign marketing works if you can convert eyeballs into leads and customers. Make sure you include a copy that will compel people to respond to your ad. Design plays a big role in capturing attention and in displaying your business image.


    We have templates that you can download and use as a guide when designing your yard sign. When you have your design, upload it on the site and we'll proof it for free and let you know if it is print-ready.


    Why Choose Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs

    Want to know why corrugated plastic is the perfect material for custom yard signs? Here are some of the most common reasons:

    Lightweight and durable. Corrugated plastic is a lightweight and durable material. It can withstand constant exposure to various weather elements, making it suitable for yard signs. Since the material is not heavy, yard signs made from corrugated plastic can be moved and stored easily.


    Made for indoor and outdoor applications. Yard signs made from corrugated plastic are water-resistant and weatherproof. You don’t have to worry about leaving them outside in rainy and humid weather. Corrugated plastic yard signs can provide a longer service life when compared to signs made from other materials.

    Works well with a wide range of ink. Corrugated plastic is printable and can work well with most types of ink. The material is also capable of making colors look brighter and more vibrant, which is why it’s ideal for yard signs that are designed for promotions.


  • Rigid Coroplast 44mm Vertical
Same day order are only available in quantity up to 15 and must place before 10am and pickup time will be before closing 7pm