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  • Captivate more customers with informative and visually appealing brochures.
  • Folding options allow easy organization of content
  • Durable coating protects the design from fading
  • Available in standard and custom sizes

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Custom Brochures: More Space to Tell Your Story


Help customers understand your business better with brochure printing. A low-cost, high-impact marketing tool, brochures put the spotlight on your offer and your company. You can strategically design the flow of your content to match the type of brochure fold, so customers can easily understand your business and services.


Brochures are typically distributed by hand. But these versatile tools can also be mailed or packed with other offers. Stores can include brochures inside gift bags and packaging to share customers their brand story and what they do in their businesses. In schools, brochures can be used to inform students and parents about how they can navigate the new normal in education.


The great thing about brochures is that they can be used in any industry. Print brochures to promote a product or service, distribute information about a cause, or announce upcoming promotions.


It’s easy to create custom brochures online. You can use your ready-made design or create a layout from scratch using our online design tool. If you’re not sure about your design file, our prepress team can check your artwork to make sure it prints according to your exact specifications, free of charge.


Print in bulk and enjoy free shipping on qualified orders. 


Create Impact With a Variety of Folds And Sizes

Making a good first impression on clients is important. With Al Print, you can print brochures that look professional in every way.


Al Print brochures come in nine (9) standard sizes:


4.25” x 5.5”

4.25” x 11”

5.5” x 8.5”

8” x 9”

8.5” x 11”

8.5” x 14”

9” x 12”

11” x 17”

11” x 25.5”


Please note that all sizes refer to the non-folded format. You can choose the number of panels you want on the Paper Fold dropdown. The different folds allow you to organize information neatly and logically, so your customers can easily follow and understand your message.


You can also customize the size of your brochures to fit the needs of your brand. On the dropdown menu, choose Custom Sizes and pick the size you need. Our custom brochure sizes range from 6” to 27.75” (width) and 4” to 16” (height).


Want to know how you can choose the best size and folding option for your brochure design? It really depends on the amount of content you want to include.



Brochure Printing Tips

Use our online brochure maker (also known as our online design tool) to begin creating that versatile promotional material. All brochures are printed high-quality paper and cardstock, each number indicating their corresponding thickness. Matte or glossy coating adds protection to your brochures.


To create an effective promotional tool, here are some tips to keep in mind before printing your brochure template.

Brochure folds are the most distinctive features of brochures. Use the distinct flow of each to organize information.

Limit the use of font types. Usually, two or three different fonts are enough—one for the title, one for the headers, and one for the body.

Know your paper stock and coating. Consider using thicker paper for added durability. The coating you choose depends on your intended effect. A glossy finish is able to highlight images without drowning out your text. The matte coating is more subdued and guides customers through reading the brochure design.

Use simple statements to get your point across and proofread before printing.

Use high resolution photos. That first impression is important. Often, customers are turned off by blurry or grainy images.


Our customer service team members are experts who will guide you through our brochure printing options. Make sure to avail of our free check offer so all bases are covered before brochure printing.



Note: We fold all paper stock and 10 pt. cardstock brochures before delivery.


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