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Retractable Banner

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  • Use retractable banners to showcase the best of your brand at the year’s biggest events.
  • Banner is assembled to frame, promising quick & easy setup
  • Printed on curl-resistant poly film with high opacity
  • Proper care assures long-term use for 5+ years

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Product Features

Great Quality

Fade Resistant


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Fast Turnaround


The Best Retractable Banner Printing Options

Retractable banners are low-cost and extremely easy to set up, making them an essential marketing tool for small business owners. These banners are a go-to promotional tool at trade shows, expos, conferences, and other big events. High-quality retractable printing ensures that your display is on brand and compelling to every customer and passerby.

What Are the Standard Display Sizes Available?

We offer three standard sizes that vary in width and height. Choose dimensions that will suit the overall readability and layout of your design.

23.5” x 79” is recommended for displays with vertically oriented designs.

33.5” x 79” is the most popular option among customers as it has just enough space for a central image and highlighted text. Ideal for a retractable banner design focused on a central product, service or company branding aspect.

47” x 79” is the widest display size among the three choices. Highly recommended for designs with lengthier text or several visual elements.

Print retractable banners with us today and your order can last a minimum of 5 years with the proper care and maintenance. Al Print promises excellent quality and long-term use with your retractable banner stand.

Customize Your Retractable Banners in Three Easy Steps


Step 1. Choose the size. Our custom retractable banners are available in three sizes: 23.5” x 79”, 33.5” x 79”, and 47” x 79”.


Assembling Your Retractable Banner

All stand-up banners come attached to the stand with an adhesive. The retractable stand is made of durable, lightweight aluminum. The banner and attached stand come in a free carrying case, along with other accessories needed to set up the entire retractable banner. Here’s how you can assemble the different parts:


        Here’s how you can assemble the different parts:

Place the base on the ground then rotate the feet out by 90 degrees.

Connect the support poles to one another. Insert them into the slot at the top of the base.

Lift the header bar then pull the banner up from the base from an angle. Do not pull the banner up perpendicular from the ground.