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Sheet Labels

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  • Create multiple designs per sheet
  • Available in standard & custom sizes
  • Print in a variety of custom shapes
  • Choose from different materials & finish

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  • Print Sheet Labels

    Printing labels is a fast and easy way to create instant branding. However, not all labels are created the same way. With most labels, you can print only one design per order. If you’re running different promotions at a time, you need to print separate designs fast—and you can do this with custom printed sheet labels.

    Sheet label printing provides the benefits of both cut-to-size and roll label formats. Like rolls, they’re easy to peel off and apply and you can order small quantities like with cut-to-size labels.

    At Al Print, you can print sheet labels labels and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days. Upload your own ready-made design and our prepress team can proof it for free to ensure it meets technical printing guidelines.

    Advantages of Sheet Label Printing

    Sheet labels are versatile in terms of design, size, and quantity. They are great for mailing labels, address labels, shipping labels, or return address labels. In addition, full sheet labels have advantages over types of labels:

    Multiple Designs
    One of the things that make printable label sheets different from cut-to-size and roll labels is the ability to have multiple designs per sheet. This makes branding more memorable since customers see different but related designs from your business. You can print various designs for your personal use or create a full sheet of on-brand iconography to use as freebies and packaging inserts for your business.

    Sheet labels are stackable, which means they are easy to store even if you don’t have much real estate to work with. They store flat, making storage a breeze. They’re also easier to carry along than roll labels. We also offer shrink-wrapping, which bundles your labels in protective plastic to minimize space and prolong their shelf life.

    With custom sheet labels, you don’t need to print more than you need. Choose the label size you want and print different designs without creating a separate order for each new artwork.

    NEW Custom Shapes
    Customize sheet labels according to your brand or preference. With custom shapes, there’s a style that’s made for everyone. Whether it’s a heart, a star or a half-circle, custom shapes allow you to create designs that reflect your personality.

    Al Print easy to use product calculator lets you quickly choose the perfect shape for your sheet labels. Just choose between Basic Shapes and Custom Shapes.

    Looking for a traditional shape? Choose the basic shapes and pick the one that works best with your design. If you want to create a unique look or get more personalization, choose custom shapes. This option lets you have the same design or print multiple artworks on a single sheet.

    How to Choose the Best Size for Your Sheet Labels

    We have four (4) sheet sizes you can choose from:

    3.5” x 8”

    4” x 6”

    5.5” x 8.5”

    8.5” x 11”

    The number of labels per sheet depends on both the size of the sheet and label you choose. The smaller the size, the more labels you can print.

    For reference, here’s a quick comparison of the standard rectangle label sizes and their corresponding quantities on an 8.5” x 11” sheet:

    Label Size

    Quantity per Sheet

    2.685” x 1”

    30 labels per sheet

    3.5” x 2”

    12 labels per sheet

    4” x 2”

    10 labels per sheet

    4” x 3.33”

    6 labels per sheet

    5” x 4”

    4 labels per sheet

    Sheet labels allow more wiggle room for printing different designs per order. These adhesive labels are easy to peel off and apply. Choose from (2) two coating options to enhance your labels: uncoated and high gloss.

    Uncoated is best for labels that you want to write on. With this finish, the colors in your artwork may look muted. High gloss coating is UV-resistant. It’s not writable because of its glossy finish. Both label materials are not waterproof.

    Order sheet labels now from Al Print and have them ready to ship in three (3) business days.


    Design Tips for Sheet Labels

    Before getting started, here are some quick label printing and design tips to keep in mind:

    Choose an appropriate label size based on your purpose. Are you printing address labels? Those are okay in small sizes to read up close. Will you apply these labels on a product? Is your product displayed in store shelves or online? Make sure to choose a size that customers can read from at least two feet away.

    Enhance designs with the right coating. Gloss coating makes designs pop and adds vibrance to colorful labels. Matte softens colors and adds a chalky yet elegant effect that suits dark and bold hues.

    Separate information with fonts. Consider using 2 to 3 fonts to help readers easily digest your label information. If it’s the headline or the title of the product, choose a bold and eye-catching font to ensure that’s the first thing customers will read. When combining contrasting fonts, one should be more prominent than the other. This establishes hierarchy.

    Not sure what label size and material to order? You can request a free sample kit and we’ll deliver it to your address. This kit includes our popular print products, a swatch kit for materials, and information about sizing and folding.

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