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Custom Stickers

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  • Use custom stickers as free gifts for brand promotions
  • Premium paper stock includes matte and glossy surfaces
  • Bend and peel backing on individual cut-to-size stickers

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Product Features


Great Quality

Sticks on any surface

Fade Resistant

Roll & Cut-to-Size

Bend and Peel Backing

Custom Size


Tell Your Story With Custom Stickers

The sky’s the limit with custom stickers. Whether it’s for personal projects, gifting, events, or souvenirs, stickers offer an affordable way to communicate a message.

For business owners, stickers are a great tool to boost brand exposure and reach new customers.


Stickers in All Shapes and Sizes

Be as creative as you want when it comes to your sticker design! You can draw more attention to your brand with stickers in fun, new shapes. Custom-shaped stickers are available in all formats: choose among cut-to-size, rollsheet stickers, and kiss-cut.

Create Custom Stickers for Any Purpose


There are many ways you can use sticker printing for your business.

Bumper stickers are among the most popular ways to advertise. Many businesses like to give them to customers for free as a way to encourage endorsement. They can also be used as car window stickers for exclusive club memberships.

Custom stickers work great for brand merchandise. Give them away as freebies with customer purchases, or use them as sticky business cards at events. Political candidates like to distribute them during campaigns because it helps them stay on top of mind with voters.

Custom stickers can enhance plain packaging, convey product information, and help lead potential clients to your website and social media pages.

Print custom stickers with Al Print today. Get started by uploading your file or use our online design tool and then check the proof for free.

Enhance Your Branding With Custom Stickers


How you present your products is a reflection of your business. The foremost purpose of packaging might be to protect the product inside, however, this doesn't mean that you have to settle for nondescript packaging.

To spice up your packaging game, you can use custom stickers. Not only will this help your product stand out, this will also reinforce your branding to your customers. You can use branded stickers to create a memorable experience for your customers when they see your product for the first time.

You can start enhancing the branding of your business through custom stickers by following these steps:

             Choose colors that personify your brand

What are the colors that people associate with your brand? Use these colors for your custom stickers. This is to keep the color palette of your brand consistent across all your marketing materials.


             Consider a custom shape for your stickers

The most common sticker shapes are square and circle, which look modern and professional. However, there’s no doubt that unconventional shapes will attract more eyes to your product. This can be a good thing, too, if your brand colors aren't striking enough.

Contact Al Print if you're thinking of a custom shape for your sticker design. Our print specialists will be more than happy to help.


             Choose what message to communicate with your stickers

The first thing that a customer sees, save for the actual packaging, is the sticker. If a customer were to see your sticker, how would you want them to feel? What message would you want to convey? How do you want your brand to be perceived? That is what you should build on when deciding what to include in your sticker design.


             Make sure the text is readable

Use a large and legible font for the text. However, if it’s not absolutely necessary, you can skip adding text altogether. It would be better if you could maximize the limited space in your design by using impactful imagery.


              Include a way to reach you

You can accomplish this without too much text by using a QR code that leads your customers to your website or social media pages. This way, anyone who sees your stickers will have a way to contact you.

Using custom stickers to boost your branding is easier when you partner with Al                      Print, a trusted and reliable online printing company, for your business needs. We use high-quality materials for custom stickers at competitive prices, ensuring that your brand will look its best without you having to spend more.


Choose From High-Quality Sticker Stock

We offer premium materials no matter what type of sticker you choose.

We have four types of adhesives:


The matte white sticker paper offers a smooth, non-shiny finish. It’s very similar to printer paper but with an adhesive backing. You can easily write on this material with a permanent marker. This material works great for products that will be used indoors.

Get gloss white sticker paper if you prefer a reflective shine. This material is also recommended for indoor use. You can write on the surface using a ballpoint pen or a permanent marker.

Choose high-gloss white sticker paper for an even shinier finish. The gloss finish offers added protection from scuffs and scratches and makes colors more vibrant.

White vinyl sticker with a high-gloss finish is waterproof, weather-resistant and the most long-lasting material out of our cut-to-size sticker printing.

Compare and choose which cut-to-size materials will work for you.

Paper Material Guide


UV Resistant


Indoor Use

Outdoor Use

White Paper

White Paper

High Gloss
White Paper

High Gloss
White Vinyl

We recommend roll stickers if you are ordering more than 250 stickers. They can be used with dispensers for fast and efficient sticker application. In addition to white vinyl and white premium sticker paper, the following material option are also available for printing roll stickers:

BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) is an adhesive popularly used for food and beauty products. This material lasts even when exposed to moisture, oil, and refrigeration. You can choose from three types of BOPP:

Opaque white for a solid background

Clear for a “no-label” look

Silver metallic for a foil-like effect

Estate paper is textured paper adhesive commonly used for wine bottles, food packaging, and other labels. You can easily write on this type of material when uncoated. Optional matte UV coating adds scratch and moisture-resistance to your stickers. Choose from three types of vellum adhesives:

Estate #8 warm white

Estate #4 plain white

Estate #9 cream

Get sheet stickers if you need to print the same information on your stickers. These are easy to store and mail, and can easily be slipped into your customers’ shopping bag when they make a purchase.

Our sheet stickers are printed on 4” x 6”, 3.5” x 8”, 5.5” x 8.5”, or 8.5” x 11” white paper sticker sheets. You can also input a custom sheet size on the product calculator.

Choose from high-gloss or matte coating, depending on how vibrant you want your sticker design.