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CD Sleeves

CD Sleeves

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Product Options

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CD sleeves and DVD envelopes are the most flexible and inexpensive CD packaging options available.

Paper Sleeves (Short Flap): Paper CD sleeves are one of the most versatile and inexpensive disc packaging solutions available. Polyline carries a variety of colors and styles of CD sleeves, including traditional paper CD sleeves, sleeves with bind-in tabs and CD sleeves that can hold two discs.

Tyvek Sleeves (No Flap): Flush-cut Tyvek CD sleeves are lighter than paper CD / DVD sleeves but much, much stronger. CD sleeves with a flush-cut top make disc insertion easy.

Paper Sleeves (No Flap) These low-cost paper CD sleeves have a flush-cut opening for easy insertion. Because these CD sleeves have no flap and no window, they are perfect for printing your promotional offers, contact information or other artwork.

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